Der Neue Stahlhof, Düsseldorf

The high-rise building “Neuer Stahlhof” was built in the 1920s as an extension to the “Alter Stahlhof”. The eleven-storey building, which is also known as the “Stummhaus”, is built in the style of expressionism.

The office high-rise has a total area of around 11,000 square metres and 92 car parking spaces.

The Neue Stahlhof is centrally located in the heart of Düsseldorf’s banking district and thus in close proximity to the old town and Königsallee. It is in the immediate vicinity of the “Stahlhof”, which today houses the administrative court, and is a visible testimony to the fact that Düsseldorf was once the culmination of the power of the Ruhr barons and the “desk of the Ruhr area”.

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